How does it work?

Watch this video for a detailed description about how the technology works.

Video Demonstration

How do I print my Floating Map?

See our detailed Printing Instructions

Should I print my map at home?

Due to the nature of our maps, the printer and paper used will determine the quality of your print. We highly recommend that you use a local printer to print your map. The file is made for 600 dpi and will not print well with the average home printer. We also recommend that you use a heavier satin (semi gloss) photo paper to print your map. A heavier matte paper should also work well. 

Does it matter which size digital print I order?

It does! Each digital file is sized specifically for a certain map size. If you buy the 16x20 digital file, it will have to be printed on a 16x20 piece of paper. Don’t resize our files during printing or any other time. The product will not work. 

Where is my city/town?

We plan to continue to add towns to our Pennsylvania towns collection. Let us know what town you would like to purchase. We may be able to add your town next.

What devices can be used with the Floating Maps app?

iOS Phones: iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone SE (2nd & 3rd Generation), iPhone 12, iPhone 13

iOS Tablets: iPad Pro (3rd generation or newer), iPad Air (3rd generation or newer), iPad Mini (5th generation or newer), iPad (6th generation or newer)

Android Phones: Google Pixel 6, Galaxy S22, Galaxy Z Fold. Any phone since 2019 that supports AR Core should be OK.

Android Tablets: Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S7. We currently do not support Amazon Kindles.

Why is there a QR code on my map?

Each map is numbered and has a unique QR code in the bottom right corner. The QR code will allow your device to “read” your map and provide you with the augmented reality experience. It will also allow us to make sure that each customer is able to print one quality map but also ensures that our customers do not mass produce our products.

Do you sell framed maps?

We do not sell framed maps at this time, but we hope to offer this option in the future. Any local art shop should be able to help you frame your map. There are many online options as well. We have bought many of our frames at Michaels. They have a large variety of colors and sizes available. Many are nice heavy frames with glass instead of plexiglass. Our favorite is the Black Studio Frame, Home Collection by Studio Decor.