About Us

Kevin and Megan with their first copy of a Milton Floating Map


Our names are Kevin and Megan and we are the owners and creators of Floating Maps. We are a husband and wife team working on our first start up together. We came up with the idea when we started brainstorming about customizing a home furnishing item for our home. We started thinking about our love for maps and technology and how we could pair them together. And through the brainstorming, Kevin came up with the technology for bringing maps to life. We have really enjoyed spending time together making our ideas into reality.

We met at college and married early in our 20s. We have now been married for 22 years and have three amazing teenage boys. Our family loves adventure, traveling, activity and the outdoors. When we aren't attending sports practices or contests, you will often find us working on some new project or enjoying our woods and pond.